Personal Reflection on the Language of God- Part 2

In a previous post I reviewed Francis Collin’s book, The Language of God, and explained that it was instrumental in helping me form or solidify my own views on science and faith.  Last week I gave a quick run through of my own story and how I came to appreciate the complexity of the faithContinue reading “Personal Reflection on the Language of God- Part 2”

Personal Reflection on Language of God- Part 1

It’s complicated.  That is my new mantra.  When I first became a Christian, 52 years ago, it all seemed so clear and straightforward; Jesus was Lord, heaven was up, hell was down, and there was no in between.  I tended to gloss over the parts of the Bible that did not make sense.  I doubtedContinue reading “Personal Reflection on Language of God- Part 1”

Book Review of Theistic Evolution

Theistic Evolution, A Scientific, Philosophical, and Theological Critique. Edited by J.P. Moreland, S. C. Meyer, C. Shaw, A.K. Gauger, W. Grudem. Crossway, Wheaton, Il. 2017 A pastor friend of mine gave me this tome of 1007 page and 31 chapters because he knew my interest in the topic.  It was very generous and thoughtful ofContinue reading “Book Review of Theistic Evolution”