Paradigms, Darwin, and Medieval French Poetry

Have you ever heard about or discussed a paradigm or a paradigm shift in your field?  A paradigm is a framework or a theory that defines or holds a particular field, often scientific, together. Maybe you heard some talking head on TV explain how some current event has caused a paradigm shift of some importantContinue reading “Paradigms, Darwin, and Medieval French Poetry”

Is America a Democratic Country?

I am asking my readers to consider what may seem like a rather obvious question.  We Americans are quite proud of our democratic foundations as an example to the world.  But, compared to other nations and other systems, we may find some deficiencies in our system of government.  Herein, I will give you five examplesContinue reading “Is America a Democratic Country?”

COVID from the virus’s point of view

There are a lot of headlines and news and predictions about where COVID has come from and where it is going.  While lots of good studies have been done and lots has been learned, I want to suggest that a lot can be learned by just looking at this pandemic from the virus’s point ofContinue reading “COVID from the virus’s point of view”