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Martin Root

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I am a retired professor of Nutrition living in Boone, NC. I have diverse interests that my family has encouraged me to write about. My interests fall in three general areas. My past professional interests have included nutrition, epidemiology, chemistry, toxicology, and statistics. I am also a Christian of an evangelical persuasion with an interest in the intersection of faith and science. I am also an avid consumer of the news and am interested in how science and faith intersect with current event. As far as my credentials goes, I have a BS in Biochemistry, an MS in Toxicology, and a PhD in Nutrition, all from Cornell University. I was an assistant and associate professor of Nutrition for the last dozen years of my career. I have been married to one amazing women for almost 50 years. We have 3 grown children who inspire me daily and 7 wonderful grandchildren. I fully expect that none of my readers will be interested in the same 3 areas that I am. I expect readers will find one of the three threads will engage their interests.


Design Conference, 2019
Designing Teams
San Jose, CA

Design x Mental Health, 2019
Speaking Out
San Francisco, CA

Impact for Growth, 2018
Building Compatible Teams
San Francisco, CA


Email: MartinRootPhD@gmail.com


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